Completed Projects


95 and 97 Water Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
75,000 square feet of office and retail space.

Hudson House, 321 Water Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
A completely renovated heritage building containing 50,000 square feet of office, retail and restaurant space. This building won a heritage award from the City of Vancouver upon its completion.

Bonaventure Centre, Edmonton, Alberta
15 acre industrial park consisting of 350,000 square feet of warehouse, retail and office space.

Brighouse Square Shopping Centre, Richmond, British Columbia
50,000 square foot retail centre.

Roswell-Wieuca Shopping Centre, Atlanta, Georgia
Small neighbourhood shopping centre.

Harbour Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia
Harbour Centre is an integrated retail and office complex consisting of 300,000 square feet of office space, 300,000 square feet of retail space and a 500 car parking garage. Mr. McLean acquired the property, arranged the financing and directed the design of the project.

Steuart Place, San Francisco, California
A 76,000 square foot, fully renovated office and retail building in downtown San Francisco, adjacent to One Market Plaza.

Borgo Antico (Umberto Al Porto Restaurant), Vancouver, British Columbia
This restaurant was developed as a joint venture with prominent Vancouver restaurateur, Umberto Menghi, who was responsible for its management. The restaurant has recently been extensively renovated and shortly after we sold the building, the restaurant was sold to new owners.

The Landing
375 Water Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Landing is an award winning restored heritage building containing approximately 180,000 square feet of retail and office space. The building was one of Vancouver's original commercial buildings, originally constructed in 1905 and subsequently expanded.

The Landing contains some of Vancouver's finest specialty retailers, carefully selected to provide a unique environment. It also contains several excellent restaurants and pubs, all leaders in their respective fields. The project was developed jointly by The McLean Group and the Canadian Pacific Pension Fund.

19256 - 96 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia
An industrial site in Surrey, British Columbia that was subdivided for resale.

2nd & Pine
1815 Pine Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

A 15,310 square foot commercial (office/warehouse) building. The entire building is occupied by Post Modern Sound, a post-production sound company. It is in an area that has been identified by the City of Vancouver for upzoning and was purchased for its redevelopment potential, as such, The McLean Group sold this building in 1999.

Building A: Vancouver Film Studios
A 27,840 square foot office/warehouse building on a 1.8 acre site, the property was leased to various film and television users and is actively utilized as a sound stage, and construction shop with offices. The building is operated by Vancouver Film Studios. Building A now consists of two sound stages; Stage A1, 12,500 sq ft. and Stage A2, 15,000 sq. ft.

Building B: Vancouver Film Studios
A 16,000 square foot building currently under extensive renovations to convert an old warehouse into state of the art production offices. Two 15,000 square foot sound stages will be completed adjacent to the building by July 2001. The building was once used by the Heede Crane Company to manufacture construction elevators, hence the 85 foot tower, now adorned with Vancouver Film Studio signage. Vancouver Film Studios Ltd. purchased the building in 1997. Building B now consists of two sound stages and an adjoining office space with mill space in the rear. Stage B –1 and B-2 are each 15,000 sq. ft. Beside the stages is Building B-3, with over 4,600 sq. ft. of mill/construction space. The office space is 9,100 sq. ft. on two levels, with plenty of private offices and large bullpen areas.

Building C: Vancouver Film Studios
This building now houses Vancouver Film Studios and Pacific Production Supportís operations headquarters. As well, in mid-2000, the space was completely reconfigured with lavish production office space and a helipad.

Building D: Vancouver Film Studios
3596 Cornett Road, Vancouver, British Columbia

A 22,270 square foot building. The building was specifically renovated several years ago into a full production facility. The old North-star studio was demolished in the spring of 2012 and replaced by a new state of the art production studio consisting of two sound stages one of 15,000 sq ft the other 21,000 sq ft with 2500 sq ft of office space located on the west side of the larger stage.

Building E: Vancouver Film Studios
Purchased in 1997, Building E is a recent addition to the Vancouver Film Studios family. It will be converted to film industry mill and office space and its parking realigned in mid 2001. This building went in for a complete makeover in 2005 and again in 2011 and now is used as office space for the film industry.

Building F: Vancouver Film Studios
3696 Cornett Road, Vancouver, British Columbia

A 13,500 square foot studio building on a .6 acre site housing various film-related tenants. The building is operated as a sound stage and mill space by Vancouver Film Studios.

Building G: Vancouver Film Studios
The old Dynamex Courier warehouse was demolished on this site in 1999 to make room for Building G, Vancouver Film Studios first new sound stage and office complex completed in March 2000 and consisting of 18,000 sq ft of stage space and 10,000 sq ft of office space.

Buildings H and I: Vancouver Film Studios
3625 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Originally a 24,200 square foot office/warehouse building located on a 1.2 acre site leased on a long term basis to a prominent Lower Mainland industrial cleaning company, this building was demolished and two new sound stages were built on the site in 2002 for a total of 30,000 sq ft of production studio.

Building J: Vancouver Film Studios
This site has now been transformed into one massive sound stage (40,000 square feet) and is split into 3 sections. It is the largest building of its kind in the film & television industry. The building was completed in August 2001.


Marmot Motor Lodge, Jasper, Alberta
100-unit motor lodge with indoor pool.

Tonquin Apartments, Jasper, Alberta
20 apartment units.

Guildford Apartments, Surrey, British Columbia
200 apartment units.

Evergreen Apartments, Surrey, British Columbia
200 apartment units.

Kingsway Apartments, Sacramento, California
300 garden apartments.

Somerset Tower Apartments, Ottawa, Ontario
508 high-rise apartments.

Roswell-Wieuca Apartments, Atlanta, Georgia
72 garden apartments.

Druid Place Apartments, Atlanta, Georgia
68 apartments.

Laura Lynn Townhomes, North Vancouver, British Columbia
82 townhomes.

Arbutus West Townhomes, Vancouver, British Columbia
40 luxurious townhomes in Kerrisdale, an exclusive district of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Beacon Cove Apartments, Richmond, British Columbia
43 apartments and townhouses.

Prince Charles Estates, Surrey, British Columbia
115 townhomes with deluxe recreational facilities.

Fairview Village, Fairview Slopes, Vancouver, British Columbia
72 luxurious apartment townhouses.

Aloha Makai, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
A land assembly for 276 condominium apartments in Maui, Hawaii.