Our People

The McLean Group employs about two hundred and fifty full time staff. With a lengthy average term of service, they are the heart of our business. To learn more about the owners and management team, click on the photos below. To learn more about our people in other areas, please visit our subsidiary websites.

Senior Management and
Head Office Staff

David McLean
Brenda McLean
Vice Chair
Jason McLean
President and Chief Executive Officer,
The McLean Group of Companies
Sacha McLean
President & CEO,
McLean Ventures Ltd.
Vice Chairman
The McLean Group of Companies

Pete Mitchell
President and Chief Operating Officer, Vancouver Film Studios Group
Norman J. Elliot
Executive Vice President & Treasurer
Kenny Diebel
Senior Vice President,
Real Estate
Tracy Rogers
Director of Human Resources, The McLean Group of Companies

Wendy Parliament
Legal Services Manager, The McLean Group of Companies
Andrea McLean
Portfolio Manager,
Blanca Realty