As in any entrepreneurial business, one opportunity leads to another. When we built Vancouver Film Studios, we did not foresee that our substantial investment in a telecommunications infrastructure, together with our dedication to customer service, would set the stage for Signal Systems.

What we initially saw as the necessary cost of doing business (namely our investments in voice over IP telephony, two-way radio technologies, and wireless communications for the film and television industry), was actually a tremendous platform for outside ventures.

It seemed we had the right people and the right infrastructure to create a stand-alone integrated telecommunications business with two major competitive advantages: firstly, we understood the importance of great customer services through our experiences with the demanding film and television industry; and secondly, we had chosen the right partnerships and suppliers to help give us the momentum we needed to grow the business. Of course, it didnít hurt that we were also passionate about technology. To learn more about Signal Systems, please click on the logo to the right.